Unplanned Blog Break…Be Back Next Week…For Reals!

So i wasnt planning this little blog break – but life has been so busy lately.  I have SO many emails, blog comments, FB messages and posts to reply too and there are just not enough hours in the day, but just know that i am working on getting caught up :)  I just wanted to check in and let anyone know thats still out there reading that i am still alive.

1.  I got a new computer a few weeks ago and for some reason i am having the hardest time getting my pics transferred – i can only get half of them on my new computer and they arent the half i need for posts i need to do.  Figures.

2.  Kids are both finally back in school as of yesterday so i can finally get back into a routine again.  Phewww

3.  I have been so busy with painting in the shop and so many things to talk about that i am overwhelmed so i dont do anything.  Anyone else do that?!

4.  Things have also been busy with getting the online shop up and going for the Sweet Pickins Milk Paint – that should be up in just a day or two!  Im so excited and have been selling lots of paint off my FB page – i cant wait for the shop to open for a checkout zone rather than sending out lots of paypal invoices :)

5.  Sometimes FB is so much easier for me to keep things updated, its super quick and easy to post.  If you want to know whats going on with me, follow me on FB because clearly i cant keep up on this blog…

6.  Serious lack of motivation as far as my house goes.  Nothing big or real exciting has been happening as far as home projects go.  I did take out my kids playroom and changed that to my office :)

7.  I LOVE that its almost fall.  Fall and winter are my favorite seasons.  I always feel super motivated for some DIY projects, so im waiting for that to hit me.

8.  I havent been on Pinterest for ever – like 4 months….thats how unmotivated i have been…i dont even want to look at ideas.

9.  I have a big project planned for this weekend that i am really excited about – i have been waiting to get to this for a few months now and i cant wait to get it done.  Its gonna be awesome.

Anyways – thats whats happening with me and i promise i will be back next week to post that next milk paint post that i talked about!  I hope everyone is having a great summer so far and either taking a much needed break or getting lots done!

Be back soon :)