3 New Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Colors are here!!

Since starting our new line of Sweet Pickins Milk Paint, we have introduced 3 new colors of paint and are planning on adding a new color each month!

Our 1st color that came out is called Sweetie Jane.  This has been an extremely popular color!  Its a very light and calming blue/green and works well with a lot of other colors.

Sweetie Jane post

The 2nd color we introduced is called Galvanized.  Galvanized is a medium true gray color.  I love this color, especially with a dark wax over it.

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint - Galvanized

And our newest color is called Moody Blue.  Moody Blue is a medium blue with just a little hint of green.  I LOVE Moody Blue with a dark wax over it – it gives it more of a green tone and can pass for a turquoise – 2 colors in one!!

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint - Moody Blue

To see more pics of each color, just click on the name or head over to the Sweet Pickins online shop.  I will do a post for each color with more pics soon!!

To get your Sweet Pickins Milk Paint and our other products for all your painting projects, go here!!