Thinking Inside the Box… Innovatively!

AvroKO, a New York based design firm, has just launched an exciting project called Smart.Space. We are pleased that AvroKO wanted to use our milk paint as part of the project. In creating SmartSpace, the AvroKO team challenged the small box format of two Greenwich Village apartments and unlocked their potential with an approach that was, in Principal Adam Farmerie’s words, “lifestyle architecture in addition to traditional architectural.” The spaces had to meet a series of criteria, including seamless, large scale metatmorphosing for space efficiency; environmentally sound construction materials; and a stylish design that would encourage general organization and social interaction. In meeting these criteria, holistic design was a key goal. For example, the new spaces come with beautifully designed bicycles from Dahon which promote an eco-friendly, health enhancing mode of urban transportation for its owner. Further, the bicycles conveniently fold, and can be tucked away in a cabinet, custom built to stow the bikes in a space efficient fashion. The smart.spaces include these kinds of top to bottom design considerations wherever possible.

Some of the features that also help achieve these integrated design parameters include a full loft that changes height with the touch of a button allowing the user to fully utilize the two spaces independently or remove the loft all together by shifting it to ceiling height. A kitchen wall of high tech appliances from KitchenAid physically moves out to reveal a leather paneled guest bedroom. The leather panels reduce sound transference to the guest bedroom and the moving wall allows for a larger kitchen when the room is not in use. Independent product features include a state-of-the-art toilet from Kohler called the “Hatbox”, Murphy beds with Tempur-Pedic mattresses and pillows (engineered to react to body tempurature and weight), all natural redflower candles that encourage creativity and calm through aromatherapy, all natural Milk Paint for the walls and natural sealers for the floors, KONCEPT reading lamps that are bulb-less and energy efficient and even O-ZoneLite bulbs in custom lighting fixtures that actually kill viruses, bacteria, mold and odors!


210 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012
Tel. 212-343-7024
Fax. 212-343-1072

Website: www.smartspaceny.com