Michael de Forest Woodworking – Most of Michael’s work, whether chairs, tables, desks or cabinets are portraits of real or imagined people. As he builds each piece he tries to include the line and form of a drawn portrait. Then he covers them in carved and painted images to tell their stories.

By using incised line carving, layered colors, and texture both from hand tools on the wood and brush strokes from applying Milk Paint, Michael is able to create a colorful, painterly quality and depth to his surfaces. He has found the satin finish of hand buffed Milk Paint (either waxed or sealed with lacquer) adds a tactile quality to his work that his clients value. The hand rubbed finish Milk Paint provides is like touching velvet.


Michael de Forest Woodworking
5454 SW Orchid Street
Portland, OR 97219
Tel. (503) 452-2547

Email [email protected]