Introducing new Eco-Orchard Paint!

Fruit growers have long seen a need to protect tree trunks from the scalding sun. During the heat of the day, trunks can expand, and then contract overnight in the cooler air, sometimes splitting the bark and damaging the tree. A solution to this is to paint the tree trunks white to reflect the sun. Sounds easy enough, but organic farmers, in particular, have had a hard time finding the right product to use that will safely comply with the stringent regulations placed on them, and at the same time be durable, long-lasting and not wear down when it rains.

Eco-Orchard Paint is a newly formulated, all-natural milk paint. We are happy to announce that we are a new Business Partner with CCOF- California Certified Organic Farmers.

We hope that our new Eco-Orchard Paint will provide an effective, ecologically safe solution for preventing sunscald not only on organic farms but for anyone interested in protecting their trees in the safest way possible.

For more information, samples and pricing for Eco-Orchard Paint please contact us. {Eco-Orchard can be purchased in pints, quarts, and gallons here}