I have had a serious love for white slip-covers for some time now…why i didn’t buy couches that were already slip covered 3 years ago when i bought these?  don’t know…

But about a year 1/2 after we bought the couches the back cushions were starting to separate from the couch – these couches were not cheap.  Also about that same time i changed the paint colors in my family room/kitchen.  The couches still matched ok but they were crying out “cover me Sausha, cover me!!!”

So i bought the fabric a year 1/2 ago and it sat there – all this time…  At first i was super pumped and ready to go, then i got intimidated – then i got busy with other stuff.

So in January my brother started the sofa for me (he used to re-upholster furniture), then he got busy and wasn’t able to finish it before my husband came home, which was my goal since he left for Iraq last year.

I had a 3 day weekend this past week and decided that i NEED THEM DONE!!!  I started on Friday morning – worked for about 8 hours, started again on Saturday – worked for about 9 hours and now they are officially 95% DONE!!!!

Yeah for me :)  They were not as hard as i thought that they were going to be – i was super disappointed that i couldn’t do the piping/cording because my sewing machine just couldn’t handle all the layers of fabric.  But they turned out good, i am really impressed with my mad sewing skills!  I am a self taught sewer, didn’t follow a pattern, just measured, chalked out and then sewed.  No exact measurements for me though – everything was a pretty rough guess, but it all turned out good.  And i like that the covers are pretty tight – a lot of homemade covers i see are loose.

slipcover 005

I will post the before pics of the sofa soon along with the rest of the room but i was so excited that i wanted to show you guys!  Plus i have been a very bad blogger and needed to get something posted :)

You can see that i haven’t finished the decorative pillows yet – i went and got more fabric today and will finish those up next week. 

slipcover 006

sofa 006

I still need to hem the bottom up and i may have a little trick to make the piping work.

There are definitely things that i would have done different and wish i would have done a few extra little things – but i had a deadline and i wasn’t sure exactly how long they were going to take.

Also just so you know, i removed the original pillows that were attached to the couch and bought big comfy 30in x 30in pillows instead.

Anyways, i still need to finish my chair and i will do a tutorial on that one – sorry but no tutorial until then, i didn’t think i had time to take pics when i did these .  But i will show you both of the couches and the room soon :)

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  1. Anissa
    Anissa says:

    Amazing accomplishment! I'm a self taught sewer myself, only been doing it about 6 months now. I definitely wouldn't be brave enough to attempt something like slipcovers. Congrats! They look fantastic!

  2. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    You made that? You are now a professional sewer. That is amazing! White couches would only be white for one day in my house!!!!! My kids think the couches are their trampoline!

  3. bullie_mama
    bullie_mama says:

    I can't believe you made those – they look like they're from Pottery Barn! Good Job! Definitely inspiring me to learn to sew even more. I've been wanting to get a sewing machine and learn, but have been too chicken. Your living room looks gorgeous!

  4. Shaunna
    Shaunna says:

    These are fabulous!!! I actually just had some made for our sofa and chair and a half, but…I had them made. :) Great accomplishment!!

  5. Fran
    Fran says:

    Your slipcovers look great! I would love to sew my own but it scares me to start such a big project like this.

    Just curious, but was your sofa from Rowe?


  6. elise
    elise says:

    they look awesome! way to go!
    that would be me, just kinda winging it— but i doubt mine would have turned out so well:O)

  7. Andrea - Faded Plains
    Andrea - Faded Plains says:

    Your slipcovers look amazing…you did a wondeful job..and I like the fabric you chose for your decorative pillows too.

  8. The Boston Lady
    The Boston Lady says:

    You did a fantastic job!. A friend helped me reupholster a chair last fall (its on my blog) and it was one of the most time consuming, yet rewarding projects I have done. Good for you, it looks great!

  9. ~ Regan
    ~ Regan says:

    Very good, Sausha! You are very talented! I wish I had some slipcovers, but unlike you, I haven't gotten over my fear of making them (all by myself)!

  10. Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around
    Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around says:

    how did you figure out what kind of fabric to use? I LOVE the white couches!!! do you have kids??? I would love to do white slip covers but would probably end up washing them ALL of the time (if i could even figure out how to make the slip covers… how did you know how to sew zippers?
    you are awesome! i LOVE your blog!

  11. Margo
    Margo says:

    Great job!! I am lovin the white slip covers.. We are going to be redoing our living room and I can see the white slip covers in my near future… :O) Thought I would let you know that I gave you and award… Come on over and check it out.. :O)

  12. Eileen
    Eileen says:

    They look amazing. You must be smiling all day with them. I love the look of the fabric, so smooth and comfy . And It was a great idea to get the new big pillows for the bag. Awesome. My compliments to you!


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