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Sorry i have been MIA again, since my husbands been home we have been BUSY doing a whole lotta nothing.  We have been working in the backyard and i did start a new project that i am hoping will be done by Sunday and then i can show you guys some pics.  We also went on a little road trip to Colorado for a family thing for a few days – that was nice to just get away from laundry…computers…house cleaning…all that stuff :)

A little sneak preview of my latest project…it has to do with this closet

baby shower - road trip 6-2010 009

While I’m here i also wanted to show you what i pulled out of my dads work trailer that was on its way to the dump tomorrow…

baby shower - road trip 6-2010 271

Its the cutest little old wood ice cream bucket.  Don’t know what i will do with it but i cant just let it go to the dump and rot – why would he throw away such a cute little thing???  Men…

I also got this little silver tray yesterday from goodwill for $5, the price was a little steep i thought but i just couldn’t walk away from it – it was calling me…really, i heard it say “buy me”  :)

baby shower - road trip 6-2010 280

I’m pretty sure its an ash tray and i don’t plan on taking up smoking, but i will figure something out to do with it.

And then my find of all finds (at least in the last month anyways), is the best old door that i have come across.  It was at an old house that dad and brother were cleaning out and i went over there to check out all the junk, so glad i did!!  This door was actually still being used in the garage but my dad so kindly took it off for me and replaced it with another door that was lying around.  Thanks dad :)

baby shower - road trip 6-2010 272

Yes, its super dirty right now but underneath all that dirt is the most perfect patina of crusty, chippy, weathered, old wood with the perfect shade of “old house” green. 


I love this kind of stuff, i cant get enough of it, i would have it wall to wall in my house if i thought that i could get away with it – and maybe one day when i am old and crazy i can :)

But, i haven’t a clue what to do with this door yet.  I know it will come to me and at any moment.  Maybe @ work while I’m typing away?  Maybe when I’m folding some laundry?  Maybe when I’m driving down the road and my mind is wandering? 

Sometimes, when a life changing decorating moment flashes in my head and i gasp in excitement, my husband will ask what’s wrong?  When i tell him that i just had an epiphany about my latest project, he will just roll his eyes.  Men have no clue…at least not mine anyways :)

I can think of a million things to do with this door, but my problem is, is that i have no space for it….ugggghhhh!

And, just one last thing.  Look at this cute little rod iron gate my dad also got from house that he was cleaning out…

baby shower - road trip 6-2010 277

Its cute, its old, and will be something that i can use in our yard.  Finally some junk for the yard :)


Anyways, those are just a few of my latest finds, when i find a new home for them i will be sure to post some pics.  I will also get to working on that little closet project so i can post some before’s and afters :)