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A few weeks ago Annie sent me in some pics of her new laundry room built-ins.  She was so inspired by my super fab laundry room that she just had to build one of her own right away – she didn’t actually tell me that, i just made it up, and i can because this is my blog ;) – no really, she liked it, why else would she build one?!?

And i also love that its in a closet – it doesn’t look like she has any storage on the sides so this is perfect for her space.  This totally goes to show that it doesn’t matter what size of laundry room that you have – you can adapt this to fit anywhere.

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How awesome is that!  It looks so good – she did a great job :)

If anyone else out there was inspired by my laundry room and decided to get build’n some shelves of their own, i would love to see  and feature them – just send me an email :)

**By the way, Annie doesn’t have a public blog**