{I’m back….}


Ok, i have had a nice little blog break and i am ready to get going again! My husband came home on Friday and i feel like i can now get back to what i love to do. I wore myself out – i was going a million miles an hour, i was wore out physically and mentally – but i have had some time to rejuvenate and with my hubs being home that has lifted a big weight off my shoulders :) I didn’t even go to a thrift store for about a month….what was wrong with me?!?! Think of the things that i missed out on…..sad, sad, sad….!!!
I don’t mind him being gone a few weeks here and there – actually i kind of like it (don’t tell him that!) – i can get a ton done, i don’t have to fix dinner (well, real dinner that it is, my kids still want to eat – whatever), my house can look a little “unruly” and i am cool with that – but this year being gone and then he comes home and leaves again for another 6-7 weeks, no…..not cool.
But its over and i will be back to posting again, i have a ton of small stuff i want to get done so you guys will be my motivation :)
**And, i will be doing a short little phone interview on Studio 5 tomorrow…scary!! They are going to show my laundry room redoWISH ME LUCK!!**
***And thanks everyone for all the sweet comments and emails – you guys are awesome! I still have so many emails to reply to so if you are waiting for a response its coming..i promise!***