{my grandma got hitched…!!!}

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Just this last Saturday my grandma got married!!  My grandpa died a few years ago and i never thought that she would re-marry.  But about a year and a half ago she met David, we loved him from the beginning and knew he would fit right in with our  crazy family :)

Saturday was the big day – it was a simple wedding that was in my mom and dads backyard.  They have a sweet backyard – my dads “baby”!!  He spends so much time back there and has done everything himself – all the landscaping, the building, the designing, the weed picking (well, i am sure my mom helped a little too…)  And its well worth all the time that he spends on it, it was a perfect setting for the wedding.

grandma wedding august 033

My dad built his ‘japanese tea house’ – renamed this week ‘the wedding chapel’ a couple of years ago.  Usually he has some furniture up there and is the perfect place to relax after doing all that yard work – but this weekend it was the perfect spot for grandma and David to say “I DO!!”

grandma wedding august 034

This is towards the other side of their yard, back behind the walkway is the garden – i love how its kind of hidden.  One day, i will have to do a post about their backyard for all you “yardies” out there…

grandma wedding august 038

So grandma, David, the flower girls and the ring boys all walked up to the tea house wedding chapel, by way of the rock stair case – the kids love playing on the rocks, and my dad is cool with that as long as you don’t walk in the gravel!!  Without fail, every time we are there someone walks in the gravel…come on people!!

grandma wedding august 207

See the white pom-poms?  Yup, i made those, i did contribute a little :)  I love them and brought them all home – now i just need to figure out where to hang them in my house…

grandma wedding august 374

I also made some wooden boxes for the tables.  I used old barn wood that i already had (actually got it from this same grandma).  The boxes are pretty basic and only took about a half hour to make four of them.  I didn’t stress myself – i wanted them to look very rustic.



I painted them light blue – I tried not to cover all the wood – just slopped some paint on and called it good.  My kind of project!  Then i filled them with a bunch of mason jars and flowers from costco – have i told you how much i love flowers from costco – they seriously last so long and they are super cheap – and they have a good variety.

grandma wedding august 351

grandma wedding august 354

grandma wedding august 359

And just because the little flowers girls were so cute in their bare feet…

grandma wedding august 325

Anyways, i had fun helping out with the wedding – and i am so happy to have David in our lives, and i couldn’t be more happy for my grandma, she totally deserves someone to have fun with and someone to go with her and do all the things that she wants to do – she is one active granny!! 

I have so many memories of my grandpa, and although David will not take his place, i am so happy that he is here and that my kids will have a new grandpa to make their own memories with :)

grandma wedding august 244

Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa – we love you!!

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