{Dresser turned entry table turned bench – are you following?!}

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You may remember my dresser turned entry table that i posted about here, and then i got a new entry table that i posted about here.  Well, i have taken the old entry table and turned it into a bench.

When i was building the old entry table (in its former life it was a dresser), before i had added the legs i thought that it would be a pretty cute bench, but i didn’t need a bench.  Well, i still don’t need a bench and that’s why I’m selling it, but i still wanted to post it to show you guys  – and maybe you have an old dresser lying around that could be modified?  Plus it makes a very unique bench with a little storage. 

I actually love the idea of having a bench at the end of my bed – somewhere to throw the pillows, and it makes another space that i can decorate :)  So i will be making a bench for the end of my bed soon – another project for another day :)

1st life…


2nd life…


entryway.blog 018

3rd and current life…

furniture 037

Close up of the molding – one of the things that i LOVE about this bench/dresser thingy :)

furniture 043


furniture 046

By the way, i know that i have never posted about the board and batten treatment that i did in my room a while ago – i will have more time for blogging beginning next week and i have a ton of stuff to post :)

Also, the legs that i took off from my old entry table are undergoing a transformation as well…i will be sure to show you guys some pics soon.