{Dresser turned entry table turned bench – are you following?!}

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You may remember my dresser turned entry table that i posted about here, and then i got a new entry table that i posted about here.  Well, i have taken the old entry table and turned it into a bench.

When i was building the old entry table (in its former life it was a dresser), before i had added the legs i thought that it would be a pretty cute bench, but i didn’t need a bench.  Well, i still don’t need a bench and that’s why I’m selling it, but i still wanted to post it to show you guys  – and maybe you have an old dresser lying around that could be modified?  Plus it makes a very unique bench with a little storage. 

I actually love the idea of having a bench at the end of my bed – somewhere to throw the pillows, and it makes another space that i can decorate :)  So i will be making a bench for the end of my bed soon – another project for another day :)

1st life…


2nd life…


entryway.blog 018

3rd and current life…

furniture 037

Close up of the molding – one of the things that i LOVE about this bench/dresser thingy :)

furniture 043


furniture 046

By the way, i know that i have never posted about the board and batten treatment that i did in my room a while ago – i will have more time for blogging beginning next week and i have a ton of stuff to post :)

Also, the legs that i took off from my old entry table are undergoing a transformation as well…i will be sure to show you guys some pics soon.

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  1. Funky Junk Interiors
    Funky Junk Interiors says:

    Don't you even THINK about moving or touching this piece after this last makeover! WOW!!!! It looks like a million bucks!

    Totally blown away here. It's so lovely at the base of your bed. How I wish I had room for a piece like that in my room.



  2. April @ The Painted Cupboard
    April @ The Painted Cupboard says:

    It looks fabulous at the end of your bed!!! Great transformation :) I also LOVE your bedroom!!!! It's GORGEOUS! Can't wait for the tutorial and possibly more pics of the rest of your home???? Your are AMAZING!!!!!!!

  3. Kolein
    Kolein says:

    I LOVE this SO much! It has inspired me EVEN more to go white with LITERALLY everything in my house!!!

    Beautiful!!! I was wondering what happened to the other drawer. So I went back and read that you sawed it off!! Brilliant creative mind!!!


  4. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    LOOOOOVE it! seriously I love the way you turn any old thing into totally other things that are usefull and beautiful. I've been looking for somethng to put at the end of my bed.. Looks like I need to find a dresser and bust out my saws all. Great job!

  5. Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage
    Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage says:

    This is brilliant!! Beautiful too! I've been looking for a bench to put at the end of our Cal. King size bed and they are always too small. Now I know to also keep my eye out for the right dresser. :)

  6. Diane at Perfectly Imperfect Life
    Diane at Perfectly Imperfect Life says:

    I like it even better at the end of your bed! And your bedroom is so pretty!

    Mine is in need of some love and I'm collecting ideas. I've saved yours to my idea folder.

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi!! I absolutely LOVE What You Do!!! And I have a tall dresser similar to the one that You performed surgery on, and would like to do that to mine!! I want to make it a night stand and paint it either white or black. I have one question though,after the dresser has been cut in two, with center removed, how do I attach the bottom piece to the top? Is it pretty simple? What Hardware would you suggest?
    I love your site sooo much! haha! I'm losing sleep just thinking about all of the projects I can create! Thank You so much for sharing your creative Gift with all of us!!

    Juli vvtruck@att.net

  8. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    You're so creative and so talented. I have spent almost an hour perusing your furniture posts. Inspiration and beauty! Had to sign up to follow!

    Hope you'll visit me sometime,



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