{O’ Christmas tree}


This year Christmas has kinda been like Halloween – i had big plans to go all out on my decorating – i had so many ideas!!  But, i was just too busy.  I got my tree up, the kids trees in their rooms and a few little things here and there – but other than that i didn’t do much.  I will show you my tree today and then some other little things soon :)

I wish you could see this in person – its very glitterly and sparkly – pictures just don’t do it justice…you will just have to take my word for it :)

vanity and tree 2010 049

My tree is not huge – i like the skinny trees – it’s only 7 feet tall so i put it in a flower pot every year to make it look a little taller – i know how it is being short – i don’t want my tree to have issues ;)

vanity and tree 2010 054

When we moved in this house (almost 4 years ago now), i bought all new ornaments from Joannes – i got away from the traditional red/gold and went with teal, white and silver – LOVE them!!!  They match my house perfect :)  I actually considered my ornament colors when i repainted my house a couple of years ago!

vanity and tree 2010 056

vanity and tree 2010 058

vanity and tree 2010 063 

I also added extra lights that what is already on the tree, little glittery poinsettia lights and snowflake ones.  And i always add a ton of crap that sticks out from the tree – i really like all the texture that it gives – the tree is really boring until i add the sticks – if you don’t have sticks – you should totally try it!

I especially add a lot of stuff around the top of the tree – there are all different kind of glittery sticks up there – most from Hobby Lobby.

I haven’t put up my star yet – i have a little idea for that – but it needs to be painted- if it works out, i will show ya soon!

vanity and tree 2010 065

vanity and tree 2010 062

For my mantle – i went with what i always do – next year i will be changing this up – i already have some ideas (i better write those down, cuz i will totally forget!)

I always put up white tin stars, then swag some greenery, and fill it with a TON of crap.  To keep the swag up, i use fishing line and then tie it to a screw that’s in my rock- its super heavy.

I do love the stars – its the only time of the year that i use them – and i love the contrast between the rock and the stars – they are rockstars – get it?!  haha :)

vanity and tree 2010 067

vanity and tree 2010 066

vanity and tree 2010 074

All right – that’s it for now, i have some wrapping to do!!!  I will be back to show some other little christmasy things soon – hopefully before Christmas ;)

vanity and tree 2010 069