{entryway dresser – take 3}

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You may remember my post here and here about my previous entry way dressers – well, this is my 3rd attempt – may be the last one….at least for now anyways :)


christmas 2010 001

I got this one for free (free, is the best for me!) – and its almost exactly what i was looking for – i kind of wanted something with an open bottom – but this works, plus its less floor that i have to clean :)


christmas 2010 141

I love the lines of this dresser/buffet – whatever it used to be.  Its very simple and provides lots of storage.  I repainted dresser in Valspar’s “ultra white” – then i replaced the top because it was damaged.  I was planning on doing pine board planks, but then i found these panels @ Lowes – they sell all different sizes and come stain ready – and super cheap – i think mine was about $16.  It also has a old handle/lock thingy that i still need to put back on – i only like to finish things about 90% – that’s a bad habit that i really need to break!

Don’t mind the mess, i am not a “clean as you go” kind of worker :)

christmas 2010 003

After it was painted and dry, i distressed the entire thing with my 60 grit sandblock – i heavily distressed this one.  I also used Zinsser Stain Block primer – i really liked it, except that its oil based so clean up wasn’t so fun (i use a paint sprayer to paint all my furniture, and cleaning that out kinda sucked).  The primer didn’t let any of that old dark stain bleed through – i was very impressed :)

Does anyone recommend a good stain block primer that is water based?  I have used both Zinsser and Bullseye – and both i have had trouble with stain bleeding through.

christmas 2010 146

Some more pics…

christmas 2010 145

christmas 2010 148

For Christmas i took this old galvanized box and put in some old books tied with some burlap garland – i LOVE galvanized tin – love, love, love…

christmas 2010 150

I also found these twigs with lights on them @ TJ Maxx for $12 a set – i have two sets in this old milk tin.  I think these will be cute all year – not just Christmas.  You cant see very well, but the lights have little flowers on them – very cute.

christmas 2010 151

And did i mention i love the storage that’s inside this thing – this is where we keep some of the kids craft stuff – some card games – candle stuff – and whatever else i cant find a home for.  And isn’t my little model a cutie?!

christmas 2010 154

Anyways, this is the dresser that is staying for a while – at least until i find something that i like better that is :) 


christmas 2010 144

To see my previous entry way dressers go here and here

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  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper
    Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says:

    this is my fave, sausha! i like the simple and rustic look of this one, and i like the cabinet style storage- seems more practical for the space.

  2. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    Love it! Very versatile looking piece, so if you do find something you like better, you can always move it to another room…or mail it to me?

  3. Jill@Barnes Yard
    Jill@Barnes Yard says:

    Yes, such a cute little model! I love all of the storage space-fabulous! I can't wait to check out my TJ's to see if I can get my hands on those lights! LOVE!

  4. Charity
    Charity says:

    I love it! I am on the lookout for one, and I love seeing the before pictures because sometimes it's hard to see past nasty.

  5. Melissa @ It's Fancy Schmancy
    Melissa @ It's Fancy Schmancy says:

    Ahhh, love it! I really need something like that, there is never enought storage! Plus, you can't beat the price.


    What a different! You remind me of something urgently needs to be done: I have a tiny space under the stairs. And for this I need organization boxes… ;)

    Hugs and have a wonderful day


  7. Michelle Hoad
    Michelle Hoad says:

    Looks gorgeous! I just got a new entry table and now that I've put away all the Christmas decor (yes, all of it) I'm trying to arrange some things on it. So far, all I have is a cute lamp.

  8. Rebekah
    Rebekah says:

    LOVE IT!!!! I am looking for something just like this to put under our flat screen TV so I have a cute cabinet to hold thing like Wii controllers, dvd players and other TV components. Where did you find this piece?

  9. BJ
    BJ says:

    I think the 3rd was the charm. It is gorgeous. I would love to know where you found the wonderful wrought iron pieces that hold your picture frames.

  10. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    Simply wonderful entry re-do. I am drooling over your dark wood floors too. You have got great talent that I look up to! Thanks for sharing all your ideas. :)

  11. Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute.
    Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. says:

    Oh, I love this one the mostest!

    That chunky bottom is dreamy. And all the storage. And the distressing. And the doors. And the top. It's perfect!!

  12. Green Door Girl
    Green Door Girl says:

    gorgeous – I especially love the interior storage (and the cute "vanna" in the picture LOL) – found you from Blue Cricket's link up!

  13. Keisha Lynn @ Project Campbell
    Keisha Lynn @ Project Campbell says:

    Looks GREAT! I've been following you for some time… I love your work and your decorating! Hope you have a great new years!!!

  14. Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking
    Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking says:

    Such a beautiful piece & I love it's cream'ified base with dreamy dark top… perfection! I'm putting it in the PoPP Spotlight.

  15. Farmer's Wyfe
    Farmer's Wyfe says:

    Hi! What a WONDERFUL piece!! Storage is so essential and that is such pretty storage!!
    I paint furniture, and I use Kilz waterbased sealer. It has always worked for me.

  16. Cozy Home Scenes
    Cozy Home Scenes says:

    Your model is a cuite. She reminded me of the models on The Price is Right back when I used to watch it in the ancient 80's. You know how they would always stand beside the furniture and open the doors to show it off.

    I like the piece….the after is a huge improvement. I love white distressed furniture.

  17. Morning Glory Cottage
    Morning Glory Cottage says:

    Hi! Just dropping in from Miss Mustard Seed's site. I love this piece. It actually looks a lot like a piece that I have. It's a family piece. I believe that your piece once had a hutch on the top. I can't really tell but it looks like your before picture there is a hole in the back. Anyway love what you did with it. Thanks for sharing it!


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