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I went to Ikea a few days ago – and when i was leaving, they had a little display by the out doors – it was a white slip covered couch and a bright colorful rug.  I knew right then and there that i MUST have that rug!  It looked so cute with the white slips – perfect match :)

So – i thought about it and decided that i MUST have it – its just what my family room needed. 

Normally i have a natural jute rug in there – but my husband hated it and i have to admit it was a little uncomfortable on the tosies.  So Santi tossed it in the garage a while ago – i was a little mad because i really like the natural beachy feel of it and it went perfect with my house…

Oh well…

Anyways – i went and got the rug and i LOVE it!!!  I love the amount of color that it has in it – but its not like in your face color – the colors although bright are muted.  Just perfect.  And it matches my pillows perfect :)

And the price was good – $150 for 5’7” x 7’10” – and its all wool.  Cool.

unfinished furniture 043

Dont look at my 1/2 done spring mantel  – just cant seem to get it right or find time to work on it.

unfinished furniture 045

Cute huh?!

unfinished furniture 049

Look how it goes with my pillows!!!

unfinished furniture 050

(And how do you like my curtains hanging on the bay windows?!!  I put those up to get an idea of how i would like some simple panels in the space)

unfinished furniture 046

SO – my husband said that it looks southwestern?  What do you guys think?  I told him it was Scandinavian :)

Whatever it is, i like it and i like the color it brings into our otherwise pretty neutral space.

Does it look southwestern???

*Edited to add*

***Seeing that most people think southwestern when they 1st see this rug – i have decided to take it back – not the look that i am going for here!!  a little bit of me has 2nd guessed it since i bought it – although i LOVE the rug, i dont think its right for my space – i think its a little too much color and changes the feel of the room too much – and its not the way that i want it to feel***

I guess we all have hits and misses – i am glad we can always return things when they just dont work out!

Now i need to convince Santi that we need the jute rug back :)


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  1. the nayz
    the nayz says:

    I can see where Santi thinks it looks southwestern. But, I love it-definately Scandinavian. Just don't listen to him, especially if he threw out your jute rug ;)

  2. Dagny
    Dagny says:

    It looks like a modern interpretation of a southwestern pattern. I love the colors. It looks fabulous with your white couches and dark wood floors.

  3. Wanda @ Just Vintage
    Wanda @ Just Vintage says:

    It's the perfect pop of color! My first thought was Southwestern, but when you said Scandinavian, I looked closer. Yes, you might be right. But like you said, it really doesn't matter.

  4. Joani
    Joani says:

    The colors may resemble southwestern but the design does not. I love it with your white slip covers and yes, the pillows do bring out the colors of the rug. Gorgeous find.

  5. Shawnie
    Shawnie says:

    I love the whole look, you are such an amazing decorator and inspiration to me! Can I pay you to come to Florida and decorate my plain and boring decorated home?? :)
    To me the rug looks southwestern, but then again, I don't know much about scandinavian decor, either way, it looks awesome!

  6. white life©
    white life© says:

    No, I don't believe! It looks good and brings a smile. The floor shows, that you have fun in your life! ;)


  7. Jenn Gray
    Jenn Gray says:

    Because the colors are deep but muted the rugs patterns is European all the way. It looks nice in your space and draws attention to all the details in there. NICE.

  8. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    My first thought upon seeing it was Southwestern… and even after other origins were suggested, I gotta say, Southwestern is stickin with me.

  9. valentinegirl
    valentinegirl says:

    When you said it was from Ikea, I was expecting to see something very different when I scrolled down! It DOES look Southwestern, but I like the colors with everything else in your home. It looks darling!

  10. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I'm from New Mexico and it definitely reminded me of the Navajo rugs from the area. It's very pretty though adn people pay alot of money for Navajo rugs :)

  11. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    I can see a hint of southwestern in it, but I really think the warm colors with the crisp white of your couches is stunning!

    Love those pillows too!!!

  12. Julie R
    Julie R says:

    That rug is one of those amazing items that could go a number of ways…southwestern, scandanavian, indian (as in India), lodge, country, European, you name it…the overall look would depend on what you paired with it. The pattern gives an old feel without being distinctly one thing or another. It's a beautiful piece with amazing colors that make it adaptable to a number of colors schemes. I love it…and I think I have to go get one!!!

  13. Cat
    Cat says:

    The rug is beautiful and really adds a nice pop of color to the room. Great find!

    The paint color you've chosen is awesome – would you mind sharing the color and brand? Thanks so much!

  14. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    It looks very Southwestern to me. But may I be honest? I don't think it looks very good there. I think your home and the other furnishings and decorations are beautiful, and while I agree that the pop of color is the perfect touch, the style of the rug (a.k.a. Southwestern) just doesn't fit. Your house looks more beachy/cottagy and with a few minor changes could also be very formal and elegant, so the Southwestern themed rug just doesn't fit.

    I hope I am not coming across as offensive. The rug itself is beautiful, but it's just the wrong look for the room IMO.

  15. Graceful Moments
    Graceful Moments says:

    Having had a house full of southwestern 20 years ago, I can tell you without a doubt it is not southwestern. The colors are but the pattern is definitely Scandinavian. Lovely and really brightens the room!

  16. Alison
    Alison says:

    I agree with what Michelle said above. I'm "glad" that you edited it to say that you took it back. It stinks to return stuff, but it sure is nice to know that I'm not the only one who does that!

    Your living room is sooo pretty and while the rug is awesome, it just doesn't seem right in that space. I hope you find the perfect one soon!

  17. porter place cottage
    porter place cottage says:

    I agree with you! While I love the rug, it does look a bit southwestern! Even though my house has more of a country feel instead of beachy, I picked up a same size rug at Home Depot for $100.00. I went with a darker brown and flowers. Not sure that mine will stay either after I get the room done but it works for now!
    The mantel is looking good, sometimes we need a new "feel" instead of doing the same 'ol.
    Hope you are enjoying your time now that you are not working "outside" the home…

  18. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Oh darn! I'm so sad you took it back!! I loved it in your living room. I thought the colors were beautiful and the look was perfect! Oh well, I take stuff back too sometimes. Love your blog, your house, and your fun furniture. Wish I lived closer so I could snatch some of it up :)

  19. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    Kinda glad you rethought that one. Love the size colours, especially with your lovely dark floors, but the pattern doesn't quite fit. Regardless, your room is beautiful, with whichever rug you decide on.

  20. Bryan, Becky and Brielle
    Bryan, Becky and Brielle says:

    Honestly, kinda glad you took that one back… :)
    Your room is beautiful, I love it! Just didn't "love" the rug. lol
    You've probably checked out "Home Fabrics" on 78th & State, I love the rugs there, and sometimes they have WAY cute ones… Just bought 2 :)

  21. Cherie
    Cherie says:

    OMG! I love it. and then I read you took it back.
    Very Santa Fe looking. colors were great, but you are right it didn't quite go with your look.

  22. {I Laugh, Because I Can}
    {I Laugh, Because I Can} says:

    What the what?!? You took it back because of what your readers thought, even though you LOVED it? Really???

  23. Sausha @ {show and tell}
    Sausha @ {show and tell} says:

    In response to "i laugh because i can" – im not taking it back because of my readers opinions at all! But – as much as i love the rug – i really do – but i just dont think that its right for my space. I have been thinking in using it in other rooms because i really do love it, but i just dont have a space for it :(

  24. {I Laugh, Because I Can}
    {I Laugh, Because I Can} says:

    When I saw the pic of it in your house (which is totally lovely) I actually thought, "Wow, this gal can't make a bad decision!" Then I read that you took it back and felt sad that anyone would say something negative….
    Your blog is the very 1st I ever put in my favorite's box and I can't tell you just how talented I think you are. Thanks to you, I'm obsessed with putting a frame around my bathroom mirror, but I have those dang clippy things in the way! Your blog rocks and with that said, I still think you should put the rug back ;) ~Kate

  25. Barefoot Apron
    Barefoot Apron says:

    I have boughten 5 rugs now and have take them all back. LOL atleast I'm not the only one who cant find "the one"…

  26. Sausha @ {show and tell}
    Sausha @ {show and tell} says:

    In respose to Kates last comment (i laugh because i can) – i dont think anyone said anything "negative" about the rug at all – i asked for peoples opinions and thats what i got!! Some people like things – some dont. And like i said before – if i am 2nd guessing myself than i know its not a keeper – and also like i said before – as much as i love the rug – i dont love it for that space – maybe somewhere else in my house??!! That way i could keep it :)
    But anyways – thanks so much for your opinion – i always love hearing what other people think and other peoples ideas – thats why we look at blogs right!!
    And as far as your builder mirrors – just take off the clips, liquid nail your builder mirror to the wall and then your good to go with building your frame!!
    Thanks again :)

  27. The Downs Family
    The Downs Family says:

    I also LOVE the jute look. I wondered if it would be rough on the feet….. I'll have to keep that in mind. I love the rug from Ikea but it did change the feel of your room. Maybe in an office or downstairs family room?

  28. Christa @ Stories of a House
    Christa @ Stories of a House says:

    Rugs are hard! I love the Ikea rug, but the style is a little different than the rest of the room. I would have bought it, too! Sometimes you just have to get it in the space and live with it for a few days before you know if you like it or not. The colors are so pretty, but not the relaxed vibe you get in your house.

  29. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    Too too funny! It took me three trips to HomeGoods to decide on a rug and i ma hoping once our floors are done it will still be the IT rug for the space!:) Thanx for stopping by earlier and your kind words! We are just leaving our floating since we have a concrete slab though now that half the living room is done I am kinda second guessing that we may needed to have glued them down. Oh well. I am NOT undoing a days worth of work. Not worth it to me. A few creeks every now and then adds character and reminds me of old wood floors. Hope your day is going well:!)

  30. Courtney
    Courtney says:

    Love your decor. This has nothing to do with the rug, but I have to know what your wall paint color is. For the life of me I can't pick the color from paint samples and your walls are what I want!!

  31. Courtney
    Courtney says:

    Love your decor. This has nothing to do with the rug, but I have to know what your wall paint color is. For the life of me I can't pick the color from paint samples and your walls are what I want!!

  32. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    I would say KEEP IT! It is so fabulous! I really like change and I like to change often – so when I feel the need for a change I change my pillows or rearrange my furniture. Gives it a new feel. I think I'd keep both rugs and when I feel the need for some relaxation and calm I would use the natural colored rug, and when I felt the need for some energy I would use the new rug. I love it!


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