{In lOVE with a RUG} – UPDATED



I went to Ikea a few days ago – and when i was leaving, they had a little display by the out doors – it was a white slip covered couch and a bright colorful rug.  I knew right then and there that i MUST have that rug!  It looked so cute with the white slips – perfect match :)

So – i thought about it and decided that i MUST have it – its just what my family room needed. 

Normally i have a natural jute rug in there – but my husband hated it and i have to admit it was a little uncomfortable on the tosies.  So Santi tossed it in the garage a while ago – i was a little mad because i really like the natural beachy feel of it and it went perfect with my house…

Oh well…

Anyways – i went and got the rug and i LOVE it!!!  I love the amount of color that it has in it – but its not like in your face color – the colors although bright are muted.  Just perfect.  And it matches my pillows perfect :)

And the price was good – $150 for 5’7” x 7’10” – and its all wool.  Cool.

unfinished furniture 043

Dont look at my 1/2 done spring mantel  – just cant seem to get it right or find time to work on it.

unfinished furniture 045

Cute huh?!

unfinished furniture 049

Look how it goes with my pillows!!!

unfinished furniture 050

(And how do you like my curtains hanging on the bay windows?!!  I put those up to get an idea of how i would like some simple panels in the space)

unfinished furniture 046

SO – my husband said that it looks southwestern?  What do you guys think?  I told him it was Scandinavian :)

Whatever it is, i like it and i like the color it brings into our otherwise pretty neutral space.

Does it look southwestern???

*Edited to add*

***Seeing that most people think southwestern when they 1st see this rug – i have decided to take it back – not the look that i am going for here!!  a little bit of me has 2nd guessed it since i bought it – although i LOVE the rug, i dont think its right for my space – i think its a little too much color and changes the feel of the room too much – and its not the way that i want it to feel***

I guess we all have hits and misses – i am glad we can always return things when they just dont work out!

Now i need to convince Santi that we need the jute rug back :)