{OMG–look what Santi bought for me!!!}–woohoo woohoo



I was sitting in my garage yesterday, painting away.  Santi (my husband) went to the dr for a cold (boohoo!!) and on the way home he stopped and bought me a sweet little VW Bus!!  He called me to see where I was at and told me he would be home in a minute and then he pulls in the driveway with a new car for me!! 

We had been talking about getting a cargo van for furniture hauling because my other car has been taking a beating with moving furniture in and out when I didn’t want to hook up the trailer.  But – we hadnt looked at anything at all. 

I have always loved VW buses and talked about getting one in the future for my business. 

How cute is this thing going to be when I re-do the inside and add some “Sausha Style”!!  I am going to put some fabric on the door panels, some hardwood floor, a little coffee table – its gonna be SO CUTE!!  We are getting a bid tomorrow on the bodywork and the paint job – I am thinking baby blue and cream :)  I cant wait to get my Sweet Pickins name on there!

Another project to add to my list!!


Thank you Santi!!  I love you so much!!