I had another old door laying around that wasn’t being used for anything, so since my last door turned coffee table got some sweet comments/emails, I decided to make one to sell.

This door was smaller, not quite as wide as mine, but it still made a perfect little table, and I love how it had a dark stain already that I could work with.

Before…I just cut off about 32 inches from the end, cut that in half to have about 16 in sides.  Then I decided to leave the old cream paint as is and use that for the under side of the table and the dark stained part I painted a teal color.


All chopped up and ready to paint.  I taped off the hinges as well as the spot where the door knob used to be.


After, I used my cabinet scrapers to heavily distress the entire door.  I love the way it turned, it looks like the paint has chipped off over the years.


And after…sealed with a few coats of poly (both sides) and is ready to sell. 


I love where the raw wood is where the door knob plate used to be



This is the cut side of the door, I just rubbed a little stain on it to make it look more aged.



The 411:

Color = intense teal by SW

This awesome table is available for sale (local pick up only, SLC UT) – see Sweet Pickins for more info

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  1. Jessica @ Paint In My Hair
    Jessica @ Paint In My Hair says:

    Love it!! How did you attach the sides? I think this would be a perfect fort–er–coffee table perfect for my living room. ;) Thanks for the inspiration!!! Love it!–oops already said that. Jessica

  2. { The Painted Home }
    { The Painted Home } says:

    say it ain't so! another one!!! LOVE. If I didn't live clear across the country from you I'd be runnin' over to pick it up now!
    d e n i s e

  3. Shari
    Shari says:

    I love this. You and I both have an intense love for old windows and doors. Your ideas are great. I'm a new follower, although I've stalked your blog many times before :)


  4. Kim
    Kim says:

    Need to get my hands on an old door…pronto! The color is awesome too! BTW, just saw YOU on Nate Berkus and you looked great and did a fab job:) Congrats

  5. Burlap Luxe
    Burlap Luxe says:

    Nice to have seen you on the Nate show, and by the way you did not look like a big blob!!! In fact you looked great and all the beautiful pieces you inspired in your home was well presented!

    Love your style and will love getting to know you much better.
    come for a visit, see you soon.

  6. janet
    janet says:

    I saw you on the Nate Berkus show and loved your idea with the trunk..The number 74 on it well I thought why haven't I thought of that..I graduated in 74 so I loved the idea..I am now a follower of yours and have spent the last two days looking at your blog..You are awesome..I love everything..You have a new follower..

  7. Kim @ A Brush of Whimsy
    Kim @ A Brush of Whimsy says:

    Your Nate show was great! It was fun seeing all of the projects I've already seen ON the Nate Show!! :) It was funny when you asked him if he noticed your white dishes in the pantry and he was like, Uh, Ya! Totally noticed! :)

  8. Shellie and Ashlie
    Shellie and Ashlie says:

    You've inspired me to go buy some turquoise paint! I can't wait to see what project I come up with. Love your blog too!

  9. Rita May
    Rita May says:

    I'm your newest (official) follower. Have loved all your stuff and think that coffee table is too fabulous for words! I'm pinning it !



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