{Desk}–before & after



1st things 1st – WELCOME to all my new followers!!  The response from being on the NATE SHOW has been awesome!!  The whole thing still hasn’t sank in yet – I am getting calls from all around the U.S. inquiring about my furniture, and the emails – my inbox was full before, now its exploding and I am slowly trying to get back with all of you.  And i am working on getting a link from my segment posted here.

I have some changes on this blog coming – and hopefully soon, it will be much more user friendly.  If you are wondering why a lot of my pics say Sweet Pickins, that’s my other blog where I sell my furniture – and that will be one of the changes coming, 2 blogs arent easy!  I cant even keep up with one!!  Anyways – more to come on that later as well :)


K – on with the desk.  I found this desk on the side of the road – just sitting there all by itself, so sad looking.  I did what any good junk girl would do and shoved that thing in the car before anyone told me that it wasn’t free, I always think in my head “what if they are just preparing for a garage sale or something and I am out stealing their inventory!?!?”  oh well….

Before…good wood, nice and sturdy, but dated with that dark color and the hardware.


after….painted a gray color with a dark brown primer under, distressed, then glazed with a black stain.  hardware updated.  Huge difference.







The 411

Primer = Valspar primer tinted a dark brown

Paint = Gris by Sherwin Williams (#7659)

Clear Coat = Varathane in a high gloss

Hardware = Hobby Lobby