{Kdins’ Curtains}–painted stripes



I have had lots of emails in the last week since being on the Nate Show about my son Kdins curtains.  So I thought I would do a quick post about how I did them.  I will be back to show the rest of his room soon – its one of my favorite rooms – its so different from the rest of our house.  Its just a fun room.



I wanted a fabric with big orange stripes, I wanted them on the cheap and I wanted them fast.  So, I bought the Merete curtains from Ikea for $20 in the bleached white color.  I also bought some bright orange fabric paint from hobby lobby for about $4/bottle.  I think it took me a total of 4 bottles.


I laid my curtains out on the floor and measured out how wide I wanted my stripes.  I think I did 16 in stripes with 12 in in between.  Then I just used some blue tape and for the most part it gave me really clean lines.  Just make sure and keep the fabric flat when you are taping.  Then I just filled in my tape lines with the fabric paint and a foam brush.


I also wanted a fun curtain rod that would match the style of his room.  I went to home depot and they cut a galvanized pipe for me, threaded the ends with their handy dandy threading machine, and then I just bought some elbows to mount it on the wall.  Its such a small thing in the room, but I love it and it definitely stands out. 



The fabric paint can be washed they say, but I am nervous about that!  But I have seen tons of painted/stenciled curtains around and they are super cute.  So if you cant buy what you have in mind, maybe you can paint them?!

I will be back to show the rest of the room soon – I need to get some better pics.  But trying to get that boy to clean his room – uhhh, not easy!!

The denim treatment on the wall super easy as well – I will be back with the 411 on that one too!  (fyi – its paint, not wallpaper)