{Happy Halloween!!!}–better late than never!



So I am a little late to the halloween thing this year, but I just barely decorated last night!  Usually I am all over halloween décor, but I just ran out of time everyday, such a bummer…

So I didn’t put up as much as I planned, but at least I got some up so im doing good!!

This is what I threw together for my entry…


I got these awesome lanterns a few years ago but they have been in storage all this time, I really want to paint them white, but the dingy green/gray will work perfect for halloween


I love creepy halloween and old doll heads are perfect.  I collected a bunch of dolls all through the year at goodwill for my “big halloween plans”, but sadly they didn’t get done…


I got this old bird cage for free a while back and had intentions since I got it to clean out the old vines that someone grew inside of it, but hadnt gotten around to that either.  But luckily for me, it works for halloween :)



Then I pulled out my shutters from last year, propped those on the mantel, added a skeleton thingy and called it good.  In case you cant tell by the pic, I took 4 old shutters from goodwill, painted them black and distressed them.  Then I just layed them out on the floor and screwed all 4 together all crazy crooked like – I love how they turned out and love that they take up so much space. 



On my dining table I just put some apothecary jars with some mice, spiders and eyeballs, then the glass beakers will have dry ice in them tomorrow when the family is over for dinner.  I considered for a minute getting some real mice and my sons tarantula for the jars, wouldn’t that be awesome and so yucky??!!  Love it, but im not gonna do it…im nice like that!!



Then I have my little halloween tree – ahhh, so sweet… and so not creepy…


And cant forget Bo, he is so excited for his big halloween day tomorrow!!


Happy Halloween everyone!!!