{Laundry Room Updates}–and my most asked questions about the laundry room



A couple of months ago when I re painted my 1/2 bath, I re painted the laundry room as well.  I always hated that mocha color in there – it never felt like the rest of my house.

Finally, with the addition of a couple wicker baskets, an old window and the new color, it has the same feeling as the rest of the house.


laundryroom 2 032

After…repainted in Silvermist by SW – mixed with white to lighten the color – about a 1:1 ratio



I looked everywhere for wicker baskets for under the W/D, but couldn’t find them anywhere.  I finally found some that would fit, but they would not hold up to the pulling in and out everyday.  So, I went with these 2 from Hobby Lobby for $20 each (50% off that week) – perfect for holding random things and socks.  And I like how they add some texture to the room.


Next to the sink is a jar I found a while ago – perfect for storing all that money that I find when doing laundry.  Whatever is left in pockets is mine to keep – that’s the deal.


I use these old milk jugs to hold my soap/fabric softener and bleach.  I just used some corks from hobby lobby.  I use these things pretty much everyday, so its nice having them out on the counter, plus I have had these jars forever so its good to finally use something Smile



I took down the old door and replaced it with an old window that I took from another part of the house.  It’s a little big, so it has to lean – I need to cut a little bit of it off but I havent done it yet.  Then I have another little something planned for that window but havent gotten around to that one either…so much to do….

**My Most asked questions about this room**


Q.  Did you paint your cabinets?

A.  No, when we built the house we picked them out from the builder.

Q.  Where did you get your rugs?

A.  They were an outdoor rug I got from Target a few years ago for about $5 each

Q.  What is that thing under your washer?

A.  It is a drain pan in case the washer leaks.  It has a plastic tube that connects from the pan to the drain, just in case.  You can buy them at lowes/home depot.  It’s a good idea if your laundry room is above another room.

Q. What is the sign on your door?

A.  Just a cute/crafty sign that I got at Wood Connection a few years ago – you can see what I am talking about in the very 1st pic on this post.

Q.  Does your washer shake and does it move the platform?

A.  NO!!  There are feet on the bottom of the W/D so that you can level them out.  As long as they are level they wont shake.  And the platform is mounted to the wall, so its super sturdy.  I have climbed on top of that thing a million times to paint and they don’t budge.  As long as you build the platform with plenty of support you will be fine.  You can go here for Ana Whites plans!! 

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