{2012} – In Review

Ya, so I know 2012 has barely began, but im going to do a post about a few of the main house projects I WANT TO DO in 2012, instead of going over the ones I did in 2011, im a rebel like that


These wont be in any particular order – I just need to get done what excites me most that day!!  I get bored easily…

First up on my list, which I actually think I am going to do tomorrow is my fireplace mantel.  I just want to chunk it up a little by adding some molding and painting it cream.  That should be easy.


Next, is my railing.  I HATE our railing.  Its so boring.  I have some ideas to chunk that up too, and my spindles for sure will be getting a coat of white paint.  But, it does make a good blanket dryer!


Then, my cabinets are calling my name!  I am just trying to decide on the perfect creamy white and then I will get to painting those – cant wait!  And I have figured out what I am doing with my island, so that will be getting another re-do too!!


But 1st, I need to paint my walls!  Oh ya!!  im thinking a nice soft gray, or maybe a cream, or maybe white….or maybe gray – I need to decide!  Every inspiration pic I see makes me change my mind!  I like the color on my walls now, but it needs to be painted anyways and I am just ready for a change. 

jute rug 007

Then, this dreaded spot in my house.  I HATE this spot more than anywhere else.  When we built this house, I had visions of kids doing homework here when I was cooking dinner and watching them browse the internet – ya right!!  It’s a big ol’ junk collector!  Its where everything without a home gets shoved, even the dog!!  Its not a good spot, and this is a pic on a good day!!  I have plans to build this into some sort of hutch – got lots of ideas floating around my noggin :)


Oh, and then theres this crappy area.  I also had visions of the kids sitting down to put on their shoes then I kiss them on there foreheads while I pass them their lunches as they headed out the door to school – ummm, not happening!!  What world am I living in??!!  Im hoping to make this area a little more practical with some built-ins. 


And see this wall?  The one around the pantry door – it needs something.  I have an idea that will add a little old house charm…


And last, but not least is my pantry.  I have an awesomely huge pantry but I need to make it more awesome!!  I have a few ideas for that too.


And I think that’s it!!  At least these are the “for sure” ones that I want to get done, I can always think of a million projects!