{EAT} – letters from reclaimed lumber


Updated – these letters are now available for sale HERE!!

Even before i started my plank wall that i posted about yesterday, i had a vision of what i wanted for the little diagonal wall.  It needed to be big, bold and make a statement!  And i think that my new EAT sign def does!  I love that its “In Your Face”, “POW“, “Look At Me“, “BOOYAH” – nothing subtle about this sign!

I looked online for some inspiration pics, but the only EAT signs i found were small – cute, but small.  So, I needed to make my own.  Lucky for me, i have some old lumber that was given to me by my shop neighbors for FREE (i love getting old stuff like that!).  The wood is super chunky, old, perfectly gray and i have lots of it (and lots more projects planned for it).

So, i found the perfect sized plank in my stash and got to cutting it up.  I didnt really plan anything out – i just measured my wall to make sure that i didnt make it too big or too small.  My letters ended up being about 30 in tall, 22 in wide and 1 1/4 in thick and each piece of wood is about 8 in wide.

The only tools that i used was just a drill and a handsaw.  I started with the T to get it it the perfect size and then just based my E & A off that one.

Then, after my chunks of wood were cut out, i just used simple little metal braces to attach the chunks together.  I didnt glue them or anything – the wood has been outside, so i figured if the wood shrinks a little i can just adjust them.  The little brackets are super cheap – they come in a pack of 4 for about $1.50

After i got all my letters done, which only took about a half hour, i gave them a really light sand just to make sure there wasnt any big slivers poking out.  On my cut ends that were gonna be seen, i got my jar of vinegar wood aging solution that i talked about here and just brushed it on, it turned the edges a nice dark gray.  I didnt seal or wax my wood, i just left it how it is.


Thats it!!  Super easy, only took about an hour from start to finish and it makes a huge impact!  I love the chunky gray aged wood against the clean white wall – it just makes me happy!

Just to recap – here is the BEFORE – BEFORE….


And the AFTER…

I love the whole look of this pic – the blue, white and the gray – its perfection!

So, what do you think?  Like it?!  I LOVE it!!  

FYI – EAT signs are now available FOR SALE in the Sweet Pickins Shop!!

Ive got a few other things planned for that space – moving that blue hutch and something else in ( i love it and will be keeping it, but its a little big for the space), and then im thinking about bringing in some more old doors to replace the 2 builder doors on that wall – cant wait!!