Ask Me Anything!!!

I was checking out one of my most favorite blogs yesterday, In the Fun Lane, and she had a post called “Ask Away” – she was giving her readers a chance to ask her any question – about anything and she would answer – fun huh?!  Then the cute Sarah from Cozy.Cottage.Cute (she has the cutest old house!!) was also inspired by her and did the same post.  Well, guess what?  I think its a great idea, so im going to totally copy and do it too!!

So, i will answer any question – whether it be about painting furniture, my house, my kids, decorating – whatever!!  Just leave the question in the comments and i will do a post this weekend answering the questions!!

And since i only get to my emails once a week once a month – maybe now is a good time to ask those questions!!


Ask Away!!  – sheeesh, i sure hope i get some questions!