{Before & After} – 70’s dresser = TV console

Ive got another awesome 70’s dresser turned TV console today – i LOVE doing these!!


This of course is the before pic – but i forgot to get one with the cabinet doors on – too bad, they were a beauty!

So, i started off by removing the middle cabinet doors and the three middle drawers.  My client wanted to leave the three shelves where the drawers were, so that made it easy.

First up was taking off the back – that makes it nice and easy to make the shelves rather than trying to do it from the front.  I just measured out where i wanted my bottom shelves to be, drew that out on my MDF and then cut.  It can get tricky on some dressers because theres lots of corners to go around – just be patient and do lots of measuring !  Sometimes it can look like a big puzzle piece.

Dont mind my child labor…all she was doing is pulling staples for 5 minutes…i swear!

Then i added the same MDF that i used for the shelves to the sides, to give it a finished look instead of just leaving them open and seeing the sides of the drawers

Lastly i added some simple trim on the front of each shelf to cover the seams and give everything a finished look

Then i got to painting and glazing and wa-la, all finished!!  I love the way this one turned out – the color is pure perfection!  Its a bold color for this big of piece – but the glaze toned it down and made it look awesome sauce (thats what my kids would say if they saw this dresser…they would, i swear!!)

Man!!  The pics just dont do this one justice on the color/detail – guess you’ll just have to take my word for it ;)

The 411

Primer – Sherwin Williams multi purpose primer tinted to a dark brown

Paint – Ben Moore Peacock Blue (i had mine matched and mixed up @ Sherwin Williams)

Glaze – Sherwin Williams oil based glaze in Van Dyke Brown.  See glazing tutorial here

Clear Coat – Varathane Brand Poly in a satin finish

Distressing Technique – i used cabinet scrapers, see post here

Hardware – original hardware painted oil rubbed bronze with Krylon brand paint and primer


To see more dressers turned TV consoles – see this post here and there are links @ the bottom of the post


I have been getting lots of emails on the Sherwin Williams glaze that i have been using, so i will do a post on that in the next day or two!!