{When things don’t always go as planned}

If you guys follow me on Facebook, you will remember that i was @ an auction one night and had to have this antique cupboard, there is just something about it that i LOVE!!  Well, i had to bid against one another guy, but in the end i got it – i was so happy because i have the perfect spot…so i thought.

Remember when i planked my kitchen?  Well i also planked my entry and when i did i took down my curtain rod (that you can see here) so i could change things up a bit.  My plan from the second i saw the cupboard was to put it above my entry dresser.  The cupboard has been sitting around for quite a while now and finally the other day i made Santi help me get it up.  As soon as we turned it right side up and got it on the dresser, i hated it!!!

I propped it up on some bowls to see how it will look when its actually hung on the wall, but its yucky.  Not what i envisioned, at all.  Big fat sad face.

Its all happy and fun when things that you envision end up working out perfectly, but more often lately im finding that when i finally get something in a space where i pictured it going, its not working…i hate it when that happens and its happening a lot around here lately!

So, i thought i will scrap that idea for there and came up with a plan to use it somewhere else, but things in that room have changed (downstairs bathroom) and i cant use it there either.  Big ol’ bummer.

I REALLY need to make this work because there is not one other spot where i can use it, so im thinking of sanding down to bare wood so i can stain it (i would like to bring in some more natural wood tones), adding some chunky crown molding and some antique corbels to beef it up a little.  And after thats done, it better be perfect for that space!!!  I may also need to paint the dresser as well.


I think so many of us think that when we see other peoples spaces that we like, that things just worked out perfectly and its all laa dee da, but more times then not, it takes some work, rethinking things and lots of tweaking to get things just right!

Thats all!!!