{Changes} – no more custom work for a bit

I just wanted to drop in real quick and let you guys know that i am making some changes as far as my furniture biz goes.  As some of you may have noticed, and i know that you have because of the emails i’ve gotten, i haven’t posted any furniture for sale in months!  The reason why, is that i have been so busy with custom orders that i just haven’t been able to get to my own furniture to refinish and then post for sale.

I have more than appreciated everyone that has kept me busy over the past months, all the referrals have been awesome.  It makes me feel so good when people come back over and over to have their own furniture painted.  Or when i learn that i painted their “so and so’s” furniture and it looked great and now they want theirs done and then the cycle continues.

It is beyond awesome that i have solely worked on custom orders for the past 4 months and that has paid the bills.  When times are slower (during the warmer months) – i normally have 1-2 customs per week so i’m still able to get to my own stuff to paint and sale.  When the weather starts cooling and when kids go back to school, i work on 4-6 customs per week, so that leaves zero time for my own pieces.

BUT, the last couple months i have felt super anxious.  I love when people love their old furniture again that i just gave a new life too.   But i so miss the whole process of finding a piece, coming up with a finish and experimenting.  The whole creative process doesn’t happen much when doing customs.  Most people know exactly what they want as far as color and distressing, so that’s what i do.  Very few (i think i’ve had one!) people say “do whatever you want”….so i haven’t really had the opportunity to do much experimenting lately.


Anyways – i’m finishing up the last of my customs next week and then i’m on to my own stuff for a while!!  I am super excited as i have a 40 ft connex packed to the brim with furniture waiting for me!  I will go back to customs in a few months, but for now i’m holding off on taking anymore.  

My 1st project is this super cute antique vanity complete with a chair and a mirror (not shown as its getting new glass) – i’ve already started working on it, i’m just too excited and i finally feel inspired again!  I feel the process that i love so much coming back!



Anyways, thanks again if i have painted your furniture!  I really appreciate the business and the referrals.  And thanks everyone for listening to me explain myself, i know i don’t need too, but i just want to let people know where i am coming from (and where my furniture has been!)