{DIY Lintel Molding} – so easy!!


For the entrance into our “casino” room, we wanted the molding to be a little more grand.  We added the lights to each side of the door, but still needed something more to make that entrance a little more special.  I’ve always wanted to add molding to the doorways upstairs, so this was the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

We love the way it turned out and it was so, so easy.  It seriously only took about 20 minutes per side + painting time.


Luckily, all of the moldings in our house are the flat 1×6’s, so that makes it easier for so many of the projects that we do such as adding bead board to a room, or the board and batten treatments, and now this style of door molding.  If you do have the decorative molding, just google image search “lintel molding” and you will see some pics of how people have done this with their decorative molding.

Anyways, i started by trimming out the door just using normal door trim to match the rest of the house

Then i added a larger piece of molding (1×6) across the top of the door

Next, i added a small piece of decorative trim to cover the middle seam.  The trim as wrapped around the front and the sides so the seam was completely hidden.

The last part of the molding, is to add a piece of decorative crown molding to cap off the top.  I chose to add something on the smaller side, but my husband wishes that i did it bigger, so it may get popped off eventually to add something bigger….who knows.

The last step is to fill all the nail holes and then caulk all the seams – caulking is the most important part when it comes to trim work – im my opinion of course!  It covers all the flaws or gaps that you may have and it just makes everything look seamless.  Even if there is no gap between your two molding pieces now, things move and warp and caulking it will ensure that when it does, you wont ever see that seam.


We had originally planned just to do this treatment just on the one door in the basement, the casino room (we have 3 sets of french doors in one hallway) so we could have a “grand” entrance.  But we love it so much that we are going to put it over each door in the basement and everywhere upstairs!  So that’s why we may just pop off the molding on this one particular door and make it a little larger than the rest.


the 411

Wall color – Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams tinted @ 125%

Door, trim and molding color – Valspar Ultra White

Lights – Outdoor lights from Lowes, sadly i think they have now been discontinued