{Family Room Paint Color} – before & after

I get emails all the time on my paint color in the main areas of my house, and after this post from yesterday i got a few more.  I actually repainted a few months back and forgot to post any before & after pics.

Honestly, the change was so subtle no one really even notices!  Except me of course :)

Here are a few pics from the past with the old color…Whoah!  These are some old pics!  Almost nothing is the same as it is now!!

mountain haze wall color

mountain haze wall color

I really liked the color, it was a greenish gray and very neutral.  It was one that kinda changed with the day.  Sometimes though the green was a little too much and it clashed with some other colors that i tried to bring in.  Sometimes i thought it was a little too “minty”  – like toothpaste :)

Here is one a little more recently…

mountain haze wall color

So a couple months back i decided to paint.  I still wanted to keep the light and bright, but get rid of the green tone.  I painted over all the green with Sherwin Williams Repose Gray tinted @ 125% in a satin finish.  I really like the color, its clean and fresh and is dark enough that it contrasts with all the white shutters and molding.  Plus its a warm gray and looks great with our dark hardwood floors.

This pic is a pretty accurate look @ the new color…

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams - Sweet Pickins

What do you think, can you even tell the difference?!!