The great CLEAN OUT of 2013!!!

Nope…Im not moving – although it looks like it :)

sweet pickins

I have been in some sort of a funk lately when it comes to my house.  I really dont think its just the winter ickies that will soon pass.  I have been feeling this coming for a while.  I just need a fresh start.

A few months back i repainted the main areas in my house in a light gray (repose gray by Sherwin Williams) thinking that would give me that “renewed” feeling.  Although i like it, i dont know if i love it – know what i mean?

Since then i have brought in a few more pieces of furniture (the yellow dresser w/mirror on the back wall, the blue cupboard in my kitchen and the tall door cupboard) – i just think with all these pieces of furniture, and all in different colors, i just started to feel overwhelmed.

sweet pickins



My problem is that i love all these pieces!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that i posted a couple days ago the idea of cleaning everything out and just starting fresh.  I have been thinking about it for a bit, so yesterday i finally did it.

I put everything down in the basement in the corner.   It really didnt take up that much space and we arent using the basement right now anyways.

Lots asked what i will do with everything?  Well, eventually i think most of it will be brought back up.  BUT, some of it will be painted and some will be sold.  But i just dont know yet what i want to do with anything so for now it will just be there waiting until i decide :)  I need to give it some time and decide what i miss and what i dont.

I LOVE having everything cleared out.  It will give me the chance to decide what to do with my wall color (i may want to paint it all white or a warmer gray?), what to bring back up, and most of all the chance to CLEAN – i mean really, really clean!  With all that furniture in the way its hard to really scrub!

I just need this fresh start and a fresh look on my space without all my stuff cluttering up my mind.

sweet pickins

I decided a while back to paint my table after i painted my kitchen cabinets (which i havent even posted about!!) – along with painting the table i will be replacing the top because i hate it.  So i took the table apart and sold just the top.

We dont really use our table too much, but this will be one of the 1st projects to bring back in because its such a large piece of furniture.

sweet pickins

I originally had this tall cabinet in mind for my kitchen, but i finished up the blue one 1st, so the tall cabinet went by the tv.  I thought it was ok there but didnt love it.  So this clean out gave me the chance to kinda move a couple things around just to see…sometimes i have a vision for things and if i dont move it around, paint it, switch it up, etc then it will eat at me until i do it!  Sometimes it works out, sometimes not so much :)

sweet pickins

I really like the cabinet in the kitchen!  I left it here for now to live with it a bit and see how i like it.

sweet pickins

But, i really like my blue cupboard there as well…i tried moving it somewhere else just to see…but i didnt like it.


sweet pickins

So there it is, all cleaned out!  Its a little weird living in a space with no “fluff” but i kinda like it!  It feels clean and open and i havent even started my deep cleaning yet.  Im thinking about painting half of one wall white and one a darker warm gray…but i may just leave the gray as is, we’ll see :)

Have you guys every just taken everything out to get a fresh look at your space?  Did you end up bringing it all back in or did you buy all new stuff?  Do you think im crazy!?!