DIY Farmhouse Sign – Tutorial!


You guys!  Our farmhouse inspired rub on transfers have been a big hit!  We sold right out after posting an image on Facebook and then i allowed my site to accept back orders until we get them in and they are close to being gone too!  We have lots of new styles to choose from that are farmhouse inspired which is so crazy popular right now.

So this here is what i posted to our Facebook page…

When i got the new transfers in the mail and opened up the Farmhouse one, i was inspired right away to create a custom board for it.  The transfer is HUGE!  It is about 60 inches long and 12 in tall.  So its perfect for making signs and creating a statement piece.

I started by getting 1×6’s in 6ft lengths from lowes in just the cheap pine white wood – its just going to be painted, so stick with the cheap stuff but definitely make sure your boards are straight.    Then i got a couple 1×2’s in 8 ft lengths to make my frame.

I laid out my transfer and then cut my boards to length.  After my 3 boards were cut, i cut the frame.  I made it very simple with regular cut edges – no mitered corners.  Its supposed to be an old farm sign, so just keep it simple :)

After my boards were cut, i stained them all with a dark brown stain.  I forgot to take a pic of that – sorry!  But i didn’t want my milk paint to absorb into the stain so i hit the stained wood with a few coats of lacquer.  This will seal up the wood and create a smooth surface and hopefully i get a little chipping paint too!

After my lacquer was dry – about 5 minutes, i mixed up some Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in Flour Sack (no Extra Bond added) and painted my boards!

Oopsies!!  I clearly was too heavy handed with the lacquer and got my boards to smooth!!  The milk paint didn’t like that and just chipped off all over.  I should have just sprayed one coat of lacquer like i had done on other projects with success – i dont know why i sprayed 3!

But its an easy fix – i just got out my sander, sanded off what came off easily and repainted it.

It actually ended up working out for the best because the old paint left behind created some texture when i painted on the new stuff.

Once my boards and frame were all painted – i got out my sander again and sanded all the boards to make them nice and smooth.  The great part about milk paint is that it sands so easily and gets so buttery smooth!

After the paint was done and my boards were ready to be put together, i got out my Kreg Jig.  I use this thing for so much!  If you build anything – i would definitely buy this tool.  I simply screwed about 5 pocket holes on the back of two boards so i could attach them all together.

After all my holes were drilled, i screwed each board onto the other with 1 1/4 inch screws.  I made sure to use the clamp so my boards would stay level with each other.

Then i flipped it over and attached my frame.  I used Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in Pantry Door for the frame.  To attach the frame to the sign, i just used some glue and then my brad nailer.

After my frame was all done, i just laid out my transfer and rubbed it on – so easy!  So full tutorial here on using the transfers.

Little tip – to get the transfer into the cracks and make a nice clean line, i just used the little board that each transfer comes with and ran it down the line.

Then i attached some D-Hooks to the back so it can be hung up easily and thats it!!  Super simple project!

If you make a fun sign with one of the new transfers make sure and send us in pics!  And we have other styles besides the farmhouse  – so you have lots of options!  We even have some clocks that are fun – i cant wait to make one of them!


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  1. Cynthia Chilson Finger
    Cynthia Chilson Finger says:

    Great tutorial, Sausha!! I actually think I could make this project LOL Thanks also for the resist tip … I forgot about that one :D Cynthia p.s. I’ve been hoarding my stash of Pantry Door, but now I’m super excited to use it .. gorgeous color!


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