You guys!  We have an exciting new product to show you!  You know those pretty furniture pieces you see and they have wording or pics on them?  A lot of times they are done with a transfer where you have to print a pic in reverse after finding just the right one online, go print the pic at a copy center because it needs to be big, use a messy transfer gel or medium – its a long process.  But – we now have a product that is super easy to use and you don’t have to do any of those steps!  Just get your furniture ready, pick out the transfer and simply rub it on – easy as pie :)

Here are some pieces i have done with our new transfers

Aren’t they fun?!  They add just the right amount of character to a piece and they come in all sorts of styles and sizes so you have options :)  Plus they can easily be trimmed down to work on your piece!

So – lets show ya how its done…1st start out with your painted piece of furniture – before its top coated but after its been sanded/distressed.  You can apply the transfers to a piece that already has a finishing coat on it – but you just have to rub the transfer a little harder to get it to stick.

You don’t need too many supplies – your transfer, tape if you want to secure it or hang it and then some scissors.  I also sometimes distress the transfer after i apply it and i would do that with a sanding block which isn’t pictured here.

I determined the transfer i wanted to use and laid it out across the drawers that i took out.  You could also just tape up the transfer and do this vertically – but this is the easiest way for me.

After i laid out the transfer, it needed some adjustments so it would all fit on the drawers.  I just cut down the transfer (with the backing still on) with some regular scissors.  On this one i believe i had to make the space between the lines smaller so it would all fit.   But this is really easy and just takes a minute!

After cutting down the paper to size, you just peel the backing off, stick the transfer on to where you want it (be careful because the letters will probably stick to the furniture right away!).  Each transfer comes with this small wooden stick and then you just rub the design right onto your furniture.  You can tell when the transfer has pulled off the paper and stuck to the furniture because it changes color from a darker black to a gray.  This step goes really fast and it just takes a couple minutes to get it all rubbed down.  ** You may have a couple spots where the transfer doesn’t want to pull away from the paper and lay onto the furniture – but just lay it back down and rub even harder until it releases**

After your finished rubbing all the words/designs – slowly pull up the paper and you will have words on your furniture!  Do this part slow as you may have a couple spots where the transfer didn’t stick to the furniture and you may just have to lay the paper back down and rub again.

After you have rubbed the transfer on, i like to just take my hand and rub it over the furniture and make sure everything is good and stuck down.  Its as easy as that!  A lot of times i take my sanding block and lightly go over the transfer just to dull it down and distress it a little – this just makes it look a little more worn.

Then its recommended to seal your transfer with some kind of finishing coat.  I have tried all of our Sweet Pickins finishing coats over the transfers and they all work great – even the dark waxes like i did on this dresser!  The transfers stick so well to the furniture you don’t have to worry about the wax brush messing them up or pulling them up at all.

And that’s all there is to it!  An easy way to add a little something extra to your furniture!

And remember – we have several different styles and sizes to choose from (and some new designs on the way now, think farmhouse!!)

Tips & Tricks

**You can cut them down to fit.  Remember to save your scraps for other projects!**

**If a transfer sticks to the paper, lay it back down and rub the paper onto the transfer with the stick to get it to stick again.  If its really hard, try sticking it in the freezer for a few minutes and see if that helps release the transfer**

**Its recommended to seal your transfer after applying it – all of the Sweet Pickins products have worked great, but if your unsure of what your using, try testing in a small area 1st**

**You don’t have to use the whole design.  There is one particular transfer design with lions that i didn’t really like, but i liked the rest – so i just cut out the lions!**

**They don’t have to look perfect – if small spots of the transfer doesn’t rub off then i wouldn’t stress.  It just adds to the look!**

**If applying to a painted surface, its best over dry paint that hasn’t had a finishing coat put on yet**

**You can use the transfers on other things besides furniture!  Mirrors, glass, metal, walls – get creative!**

I hope you guys try out these fun new products and don’t forget to send us pics of what you used them on!

Transfers can be found here…and remember, all of our products through our online shop ship for just a flat rate of $6.00!