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A couple of weeks ago, my husbands friend PJ brought me over this super cute desk – he found it with a “free” sign on the side of the road.  Sweet!!!  I bet the people that set it out on the curb would want it back after its cute little make-over :)  Too bad…so sad (for them that is)

And thanks so much PJ – you have awesome taste and im so glad you saw this little desk’s potential.  Make sure you grab me all the free furniture that you see!

Before – it was in a little bit of disrepair.  It needed a shelf/drawer, and some of the veneer was cracked.  Nothing a little bondo and wood cant fix.  There must have been something there before because it has these wood brackets that slant down towards the bottom of the desk.  I was thinking maybe it used to be a sewing table of some sorts – but i don’t know.  Maybe some of you know?

trailer 008

So we added a shelf and then another piece of wood in front of the shelf to make it look like a drawer.  We also added some hardware to make the top piece that opens up, stay @ a 90 degree angle.  Perfect spot to put a mirror.

Then i gave it a light sand, sprayed it with Kilz water based primer and then a coat of creamy white.  I then distressed the edges with a 60 grit sanding block.  I kept the original hardware – i love the old brass handles  – so perfect :)


desksfeb2011 009

desksfeb2011 005

desksfeb2011 006

desksfeb2011 010 

desksfeb2011 007

Shelf that was added was lined with some cute fabric that i found at Hobby Lobby

desksfeb2011 022

I can never get over what a coat of paint can do!!  I love the way it turned out and hope her new owner loves it too :)

***Did you guys notice anything in these pics?  There are a couple of drawers that i forgot to sand the edges – oops!  Sometimes i get so excited to put the drawers back in to see what its going to look like and i forget to go back and finish!!**

Ok – now im off to sand…

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  1. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    My mom had a desk like this, when you opened it up the front slid forward to reveal an old typewriter, wonder if this one did the same. No matter, you did a great job fixing it up and I know the old owners would be so jealous.

  2. Katie
    Katie says:

    Awesome! I love it when I can keep the original harware. Quick question…what is bondo? Is that what can fix veneer? Is it hard to use? Ok I am done asking questions. I know you are a busy woman. :) Thanks so much for sharing all of your great ideas!

  3. Christa @ Stories of a House
    Christa @ Stories of a House says:

    Don't you love it when your friends find stuff for you??? It is a super cute desk/vanity now. And your staging is great!

  4. decdiva1
    decdiva1 says:

    that turned out beautiful! i would say it is an old sewing table, because i've seen them like that b4 w/ the sewing machine still in it! you've given it a new life! it makes a sweet little desk or vanity w/ the mirror! great work!

  5. The Frosted Gardner
    The Frosted Gardner says:

    You are so funny and cute! I didn't even notice you had missed a few spots! I love your honesty. And I love each of your pieces. You are one talented girl. I found you through a link back when you made that table in your house! Your amazing huge table. What I didn't know is that you are in Utah and so close to me. I am always amazed at the talent I find so close to home. Love your blog.

  6. ~alicia
    ~alicia says:

    Love it! Looks like maybe an old sewing machine table or something…very cool!


  7. Kim @ Cheap Chic Home
    Kim @ Cheap Chic Home says:

    What a great makeover, Sausha, I probably would have left it at the side of the road! It's so nice of you to embrace those old drawer pulls.

  8. Dawn Ludwig
    Dawn Ludwig says:

    I have that very desk – yes a sewing machine desk. I LOVE what you have done with it. I only wish I had your talent.

  9. Katlynn's Momma
    Katlynn's Momma says:

    So so very cute!!! And awesome of you for seeing the potential of the curb side piece. I probably would have left that one and kicked my self later.

    I have a friend who has a piece just like it and her grandmother used it as a vanity. The top came up and there was a mirror and an area to put your make up, jewelry, whatever.

    P.S. I'm now a new follower! I love all of your stuff!

  10. Doug and Gwen Smith
    Doug and Gwen Smith says:

    LOVE IT!!!! you are such an inspiration to this SAHM! i check your blog daily, and today i got myself a desk at the thrift store…and VOILA! not as cute as yours…but i'm in love!! thank you thank you thank you!

  11. Amy
    Amy says:

    I have an antique dresser that looks a lot like this desk. It was my grandparents first bedroom furniture when they got married. I think most of it has a layer of veneer over the top though. Can I do this same process over veneer or does it need to be solid wood?


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