{Air date for my 5 minutes of fame on the Nate Berkus Show!}

Im a little hesitant to tell ya – because the camera doesn’t add 10 lbs, oh no…more like 50 lbs.  Seriously, the camera is so one dimensional and just makes ya look like a big ol’ blob.  Nate himself on TV looks a normal, average size, but in real life he was probably pushing 120 lbs – teeny little thing Smile

Anyways, my 5 minutes of fame will air this friday Sept 23 on NBC – you can go to the Nateshow.com to get the time for your city

**oh, and if you have emailed me recently (say in the last few couple of months!!) – I am so behind on emails, I am working on it and will get to it soon!**


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  1. It's Just Me
    It's Just Me says:

    LOL, I'm watching Nate and was like, "OH MY GOODNESS, I FOLLOW HER BLOG"to my husband. I went RIGHT to your blog and showed him. Congrats on your appearance. It was fun to see your house.

    ~ Deanna
    BTW, you're Halloween mantel inspired mine this year, right down to your shutters : )

  2. Sarah (Blog Guidebook) Bradford
    Sarah (Blog Guidebook) Bradford says:

    Loved your 5 minutes of fame! Nate is very small, and I thought you guys looked about the same size. So, no, not 50 lbs. You looked awesome!

    Great ideas for doors…I picked up an old dutch door at a barn sale a few months ago and I'm trying to think of something awesome to do with it…any ideas?

    Please visit me at http://www.blogguidebook.com and http://www.differentdog.com

    Good job!

  3. tuffigirl
    tuffigirl says:

    I am watching you on Nate Berkus right now….. SO happy you were on so I could find your blog! Your home is breathtaking and my taste exactly! I look forward to reading every bit of you blog and learning how you made your home look better than most professional decorators could!

  4. Betsy
    Betsy says:

    Saw you on The Nate Show today and LOVED your house and was so inspired by all the great things you've created!! Wish I had some of your creative genius!!!

  5. Jen
    Jen says:

    Just saw you on "Nate", and I love your style! I have a thing for windows, too. I tend to collect them…they are easy to find on the curb in Iowa! Looking forward to seeing what I can do with them (other than store them in the basement!). Thanks!

  6. Candice@The Fellas and I
    Candice@The Fellas and I says:

    Just found your blog thanks to The Nate Berkus show, which ironically, I never watch. LOVE your style and your house, I too have an obsession with vintage doors. You did a great job! Can't wait to dive into your blog!

  7. heidivee
    heidivee says:

    Way to go, Sausha!! You did awesome and looked totally gorg, like always! I keep looking for more furniture to bring you. My sewing table looks AWESOME and is way too cute to put in my sewing room. It has a new happy home in my living room. I'll have to email you a pic. EVERYONE asks about it. I have referred you to everyone in my neighborhood!! :) Way to go, girl. You rock.

  8. Desiree Guy
    Desiree Guy says:

    I watched the show at 3 a.m. last night after work on the DVR and it was AWESOME!! I SOOOOO LOVE your home!! So cool to see one of my favorite blog ladies one T.V.


  9. Tracy D
    Tracy D says:

    I read this today so I missed it!! I hope it will re-run and I'm sure you looked beautiful. EVERYONE knows he's a little fella :)

  10. Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing
    Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing says:

    Shoot I missed it. I just went to his archives but could not find it. Hopefully you can link it on your blog…I would LOVE to see it. I love your recent pieces too btw.


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