{Antique Hutch} – super distressed!

Oh guys  – if you follow me on Facebook, you will know that i am in deep, deep mourning over my beloved super distressed antique hutch!  Seriously – im really sad over this!

You see, i had this piece in my house for about 7-8 months or so but i found another piece i liked better for the place i had it in and i just couldnt find another place in my whole entire house to put my blue hutch!

After my “Great Clean Out of 2013” – i moved this piece downstairs to the furniture graveyard and thats where its been waiting until i could find somewhere else for it.  Sadly…there was nowhere.  So it went up for sale @ Reclaimologists and Other Crafty Chicks (where i am one of the contributors and have been listing my furniture for sale) and sold within minutes and i had a line up of people wanting it – so that made me feel better :)


I looked high and low for a before pic of this little cutie, but i couldnt find anything.  Just imagine dark wood, the wood was so dark that it hid all the cute details of the piece.

***Edited to add before pic – found it***

1-furniture 005

It was also missing part of the top, so i had to replace that as well.

This was right after i painted it copen blue by Sherwin Williams.  I knew that i was going to town when i distressed it, so i didnt bother prepping it for paint at all, i just went right over all the dirt like i did in this post.  I also skipped the primer because i didnt care if the paint stuck or if it chipped away even more.

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Sherwin Williams Copen Blue

I just took my orbital sander to it and distressed it as much as i could.  I didnt bother clear coating it either because i wanted it to get more distressed with use.  I did stain the new top to match the old wood and then sealed that with wax.

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Sherwin Williams Copen Blue

And after!

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Sherwin Williams Copen Blue

I love those cute original knobs!

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Sherwin Williams Copen Blue

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Sherwin Williams Copen Blue

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Sherwin Williams Copen Blue

And when i had it in my house…it was so cute but i think with my tall ceilings it always seemed to short.  Plus with the plans i have for that wall, all the colors could be too much with the blue hutch, green pantry door and the new stuff i have planned :)

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Sherwin Williams Copen Blue

And heres a little peak at the new piece that i have put in its place.  Im completely in love with this one too – so i think its a good trade off :)  Dont worry, i will post about the new one as well.

Sweet Pickins Furniture - plank wall with reclaimed wood letters

It went to a good home where i am sure it will be loved  as much as i did- so all is well :)

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  1. audrey
    audrey says:

    Sausha darlin’ this is pretty! Are you getting a new piece to put in its place? Can i shop your basement furniture graveyard? ;)

  2. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    It was a beautiful piece, but you are right, we have to make room to bring in new treasures. Cannot to see what you will do next in your fabulous kitchen!!

    xo, Tanya

  3. Melissa Boyce
    Melissa Boyce says:

    Dang, woman, what do you have, like 12 foot ceilings?! Sheesh! Love love the piece, as stunted as it seems against your monster wall :) Did you scrape with a putty knife too, or just sand it?

  4. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    I’m sad for u!! That was one of my favorite pieces of yours! But I do agree that I like your kitchen better without it! I can’t wait to see what your creative mind will think of next!!

  5. Kim
    Kim says:

    I think those of us who refurbish a lot of furniture can feel your pain. One thing I know for sure though is that there will always be another.

  6. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    Hi, Sausha

    This pieces is awesome. How cow, I LOVE it! I have a question and I pray you see this comment and shoot me an answer soon. I used latex paint over a pieces and I wanted didn’t what to use a water-base poly, but can I use clear wax over it instead?

    Thanks for your help.


  7. Jami
    Jami says:

    Hello Sausha!

    Do you have any tutorials on restoring or painting antique hardware? I just distressed a vanity using chalk paint after reading your posts about it ( it came out better than I thought considering it was my very first one!). The hardware is an awful shiny GOLD but I would like to keep them since they go with the piece..the new paint is a very, very pale green ( almost white) so Id like something that matches better.

      • Jami
        Jami says:

        Well, Im not too sure about the color… I spray painted them black and scuffed them a little to make them looked distressed but Im not crazy about the result. Im thinking I might even replace them now. I can send you a photo of what Ive done to it so far, if you have time to look and offer any advice.. Id appreciate it!

        Thank you!

  8. kat
    kat says:

    This piece is so awesome- im fervently looking for a cheap hutch on CL so i can do something similar… Im planning on hiding my kids craft supplies in there and putting some stylish dishes in it……but it is hard to find one with similar dimensions…what are the dimensions on this piece? Thanks so much

      • kat
        kat says:

        one more question! i finally found a non painted hutch and i am going to attempt to do what you have done here, but do you recommend sanding the finish off before I paint? Thanks so much :)


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