I have another room thats done enough to show you guys :)  Long ago this used to be my craftroom and i had my office upstairs.   This room has changed so many times! (you can search on the sidebar for craftroom and see all the posts ive done on it).   But its finally perfect for what i need it for and i now use it pretty much everyday.  I didn’t really need a craftroom – i never ever used it so it didnt make sense to have a dedicated space for one.

The room is located right at the bottom of our stairs.  Its so much better being my office because i generally keep it pretty clean and you can see right into it when you walk downstairs so i kinda have to.  When this was solely my craftroom, or i called it my craproom, it was just a place to store junk and was always messy.

I used to have a tall table that i LOVED – but it just wouldn’t work for an every day desk.  Sadly, i took apart the table and i have used the wood on other things.  But – i built myself a new table and i love it even more :)  I basically built the exact same way as our dining table, but i did a scalloped edge which i think adds so much charm!  I bought the legs from Osborne Wood, the corbels are from Lowes of Home Depot (cant remember!), and the top is some reclaimed lumber from an old fence.  I painted the table with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in Bluebird and sealed it with our black wax.  I love the blue in here!  The room is full of color which makes me so happy.

For reals – how cute is that scallop!

I didnt stain the top, just sanded it down and sealed with some Minwax Urethane.

One day one of my Facebook readers contacted me and said she was giving away this hutch – of course we went up there right away and picked it up!  Its so perfect in here – its shallow so it doesn’t take up to much space but its got doors so it hides lots of junk!  I originally painted it green, but then changed it to pink over this last winter.  I painted it with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in a combo of Red Wagon and Flour Sack and sealed with our black wax.  I think the pink was the perfect choice!

The other side of the room has what i call my glue station.  I made the table from 2 old doors and again, its nice and shallow and fits perfect here without taking up too much space in this smaller room.

This room is kinda the space where things go when they dont have a home :)  This is my great grandmas old wash tub and its holds a bunch of fabric.

Fun little stand i bought at goodwill for a few dollars, painted it white and now its perfect storage for little odds and ends.

Magnet board to hold some of my stuff that ive been on or in :)

I got a couple old mop buckets from a friend and they are perfect for holding fabric – i use the other one for my trash can.

One of my favorite things ive done in this room are these shelves i made a few years ago.  I never did do a tutorial on them and i looked for progress pics on them, but i cant find anything.  So sorry – no tutorial on those!  But they sure are perfect for holding all my baskets of scrapbook supplies that i will never use!

Well, thats pretty much it!  It sure has come a long way since this!!  Its now a space i love.  Its filled with my favorite things.  Its cozy and inspiring and i love being in there :)